Other than Model Development, we have an array of Model Support Services to help your business in the following:

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Data Entry

Model Enhancement.PNG

Model Enhancement

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Model Audit

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Data Entry


When an organisation is dealing with massive amount of data with little resources, we can help input large amount of data into the assumptions sheet of the model so that your organisation can focus on the important aspect of financial analysis.

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Model Enhancement


A model can grow too big and become cluttered in data that the user gets lost and all information gets too overwhelming to absorb. It is important that the model has a dedicated sheet not only to display the critical information but summarise it in a way that can be easily digest and analysed by anyone using the model. Our Model Enhancement further offers services that can make your model more meaningful for insights and less complex to use.


Other Services


Development of Strategic/Analytical Dashboard


Development of Sensitivity and Scenario Analysis 

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Business Intelligence


Macro for Automation

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Reduce File Size of Financial Mode


Removal of Circular References


Consolidation (Bottom-up Approach)


Data Analysis (Powerpivot)


Built-in Error Checks



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Model Audit


A model can grow complicated and as a result looses its integrity, a model review can provided the needed due diligence to eliminate spreadsheet errors and identify financial modelling practices not in accordance with standards. An independent review can provide confidence to the user going forward.

Why Model Audit?

Organisations do not often have the necessary skill sets in developing modelling solutions. Their financial models are often not based on best practices and as a result are prone to errors. Independent review of the financial model is a must to ensure the model's integrity.

We provide confidence in your models through comprehensive audit of the inputs, working, and outputs of the model and generating a detailed report of our findings.

Our model audit scope covers:

Hard-coding and Blank Cell Reference

Formula Error & Inconsistencies

Best Practice Standards



Report will consist of identified errors, formula optimisation, review based on financial model best standards, and comments on overall model.

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