Our Process


Preliminary meeting will be focused on understanding your main requirements and purpose of the model.


Planning the design and structure of the model is a critical stage of the model development so that the aims and objective of the model are captured.

Development Cycle

During this stage, we collaborate intensively with you and conduct regular discussions to ensure the model’s logic, design, and feel are in accordance with your requirements. Model drafts are submitted for testing and user feedback are collected for revision.

Model Delivery & Support

Subsequent to delivery of the final product, we are prepared to support through model support and training.


Our Methodologies - Modelling Standards

Developing a robust, flexible, and transparent model requires a set of rules that the financial modeller must abide by in order to mitigate the risk accompanied by developing a complex financial model. We at Numarus build models based on two prominent financial modelling standards; FAST standard and Best Practice Modelling Standard (Modano), so that we can deliver an efficient, reliable, and robust model.


FAST Standard

The purpose of the FAST Standard is to establish a continuously updated and highly developed guideline for building financial models that creates a shared global language. These recommendations are anchored in the belief that models should be Flexible, Appropriate, Structured, and Transparent. 

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The Spreadsheet Standards Review Board (‘SSRB’) was established in 2003 to provide a medium through which a generally-applicable, comprehensive set of Best Practice Spreadsheet Modelling Standards could be publicly maintained

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Our Experiences

Our team collectively have an array of experience in modelling for different projects under various industries. Below illustrates only the main engagements we have been involved in and shows our experience as a team.