Basic Financial Modelling using Modano






Numarus assists organizations in implementing Financial Modelling Standards to Excel and Modelling.

It will help your ability to construct, review or analyze the models at all levels. Best Practice Financial Modelling will give you the tools you need to build and test robust and transparent financial models, and increase your Excel efficiency. During this one-day financial modelling training you will build your own financial model using MODANO (, the application of SSRB’s financial modelling standards.


What you will take away from this training

·      An understanding of essential Excel functionality and a handy shortcuts sheet;

·      Comprehensive handbook with course theory and real-life case studies;

·      BPSMS best practice methodology rules and techniques.


It is designed for professionals who deal with financial modelling on a day-to-day basis. This includes professionals working in advisory, banks, corporate, government, or all individuals who seek to improve their financial modelling techniques.


While no pre-course modelling knowledge is strictly required, it is expected that participants have a good grasp of Excel prior to attending the course.

Key Learning

·      Achieve consistent and accurate outputs using Best Practice Spreadsheet Modelling Standards (BPSMS);

·      Learn efficient modelling techniques to deliver more analysis, faster and more accurately;

·      Master time-saving techniques including scenario management and data tables;

·      Construct flexible debt repayment functionality and ratio analysis;

·      Learn from professional financial modellers about leading developments in transaction modelling.


1.    Best Practice Spreadsheet Modeling Standards


2.    What is Modano?

·     Introduction

·     Terminology

·     File Types

·     Project Manager

·     Using against creating modules

·     Development Process


3.    Using Modules

·     Opening & Saving Modules

·     Choosing a Theme

·     Inserting Modules

·     Managing Modules

·     Adding Categories

·     Duplicating Modules

·     Replacing Modules

·     Renaming Modules

·     Inserting Subtotals

·     Extending Time Series


4.    Customizing Modules

·     Module Components

·     Cell Blocks

·     Styles & Formats

·     Category Blocks

·     Entering Values & Formulas

·     Reviewing Module Content

·     Exporting to File


5.    Creating Modules

·     Creating a New Empty Module

·     Specifying Module Properties

·     Choosing a Module Area

·     Choosing a Time Series Module

·     Adding Module Components

·     Creating a Categories Group

·     Inserting Hyperlinks

·     Outputs Category Block Addition

·     Adding Checks

·     Adding Module Links

·     Reviewing Module Content

·     Version Monitoring

·     Reusing & Sharing


6.    Financial Modelling

·     Historical & Forecast Model